The Pacific Temperate rainforests of Northern Vancouver Island are thick and abundant. There are many tree species in the area such as Western hemlock, Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, Western red cedar, and Shore pine. These dense forests instantly become magical when the sun gently filters through the tall tree branches. Vibrant green mosses and lush vegetation cover the forest floor, which only adds to the tranquil beauty.

This scene depicts a hemlock forest found near Telegraph Cove, B.C. You can almost smell the earthy, damp aroma as you feel yourself drawn into this forest scene.

Canvas wrap around print - 12x16 -($195.00) 18x24 -($325.00)

Framed/Matted Art print - 16x20(image size 12x16) ($275.00)

5x7 art print with 8x10 mat/frame - $65.00

Art Card ($5.00)

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