"Spruce Bay Giants"

Acrylic Painting by Kathy Harder

Spruce Bay - near Port Alice, British Columbia

Northern Vancouver Island

Sitka Spruce are found along the Pacific coastline of North America and grow​ from Alaska down to the southern United States. In British Columbia, they can be found in abundance on Vancouver Island and in fact Canada’s tallest tree specimen, a 95-meter Sitka Spruce, is located there. The Sitka Spruce requires heavy rains, moist marine air, and summer fogs to maintain the humid conditions necessary for growth and for this reason, they are rarely found farther than 80 kilometers from the coast or inlets.

Spruce Bay is located on the east side of Victoria Lake, near Port Alice, B.C. It is named after the giant spruce that occupy the area. Walking among these giants can quickly fill you with a sense of inspiration and wonderment. To imagine all the hardships and challenges they faced, over hundreds and hundreds of years, and still they stand. Straight and tall, and all the stronger for it. Visit the forest, breath the air, and take a look straight up. There is something magical and rewarding awaiting you

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