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 "Into the Depths"

Stubbs Island

Stubbs Island, Weynton Passage

Northern Vancouver Islalnd, British Columbia

For centuries, Stubbs Island has remained a faithful landmark in Weynton Passage. This island arises from the ocean surface and appears as a massive boulder that stands strong and mighty against the forceful, rushing tidal waters.

Stubbs Island is a popular diving destination for those who enjoy exploring the enchanted beauty of the underwater world. Its narrow ledges hold a variety of abundant, colourful marine life that only a few are fortunate to witness.

Stubbs Island is also a popular destination for the many humpback whales that frequent the waters of Northern Vancouver Island. These gigantic mammals can reach lengths of 15 meters long and weigh up to 40 tonnes. The humpback whale was once the primary target for the local Coal Harbour commercial whaling station. They were hunted extensively until 1964 when whaling this species was banned. Over recent years, these whales have now begun their return and are frequently viewed feeding around the waters off Stubbs Island.

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24x36 - $495.00

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All giclee canvas prints come with a mirrored wrap.  A UV varnish is applied to protect the print.  Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang.

Art prints include double mat and frame.  Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang.  Image is just a sample to view.